Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello Gorgeous! Time For Some Bead Soup!

I am very excited to introduce to you Sue Hodgkinson and her blog, Hello Gorgeous!  We've been matched as Bead Soup Partners!
Sue hails from Cardiff, Wales, where she lives with her husband, three teenage boys, two cats and a "gorgeous, sweet-souled dog named Millie."  New to the jewelry-making scene, Sue has been keeping her hands busy since 2008 making beautiful and inexpensive pieces featuring unique gemstones and Karen Hill Tribe/Sterling Silver components.  Strikingly elegant and poignantly simple, her pieces highlight the natural beauty of the beads she chooses, making them glow with sterling silver chains and settings.

Moss bracelet

Sue describes her "light bulb" moment with jewelry making in 2008 when she felt a sense of excitement and purpose, "it helped set on the right road to gaining myself back." [sic]  Being on medical leave since 2007, Sue had tried a few different crafting projects before finding her niche in making simple bracelet and earrings, selling them on her website.  She now has over 100 followers on her blog, where you can find all sorts of custom pieces she's made on commission, favourite handmade finds around the internet, family life, personal scribbles and inspirations for creation!

Firefly Dangles

Although she works primarily with gemstones and sterling silver, she'd like to open up to other possibilities in settings and materials, as well as expanding the Hello Gorgeous jewelry line, with thoughts of a "fashion collection and a glamourous collection" [sic].  Sue will also soon be featuring bridal and mens collections.  Sue took the Bead Soup opportunity with open arms to challenge herself - let the challenge begin!

Liquorice necklace

Come by Sue's blog at Hello Gorgeous and give her a wholehearted welcome to the party!  We're looking forward to each others' surprises!

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