Friday, March 5, 2010

All You Gotta Do Is Ask!

I have loads of fun doing custom orders.  I like to infuse my own personality to help bring out the wearer's own, and they're always one-of-a-kind!  These particular ones found themselves with a rock n' roll theme - by request, mind you! - making them the most favourite custom orders I've done as of late.  Let me share them with you!

Fender/Zen necklace for Barbara

Barbara is a lovely woman, too sweet for words!  I'm sure she first discovered my Etsy shop during the Ms. Modern Halloween Giveaway Extragavanza last October.  I've had a chance to get to know her a bit through our business transactions, learning that she's a big music fan with a sense of style, and likes to share that with her family.  Her last purchase was of two guitar pick necklaces for her niece, Robin and niece's friend, which they both loved!  She's now commissioned me to make a guitar pick necklace for herself, and I hope she'll accept this as her new lucky charm!  I've included antiqued brass Asian coins and a Fender guitar pick.  The inspiration for the design of this necklace came from a necklace I've spied on the cover of the sheet music for John Lennon's Imagine.  (Editorial note: I see it every day, but I couldn't find a picture big enough to show detail!  The necklace sits close to John's neck, lined with what looks like four medallions with Asian motifs.)  I wanted to reflect the relaxed, bohemian feel of casual jewely, but still make it sleek enough for it to be worn with class, which it surely will be.

Update!  Thanks so much, Barbara!  I'm so glad you like it!  It's now going to its proper home!

Caddy necklace for Craig

My friend Craig is a very eccentric fellow, doesn't make him any less wonderful.  He and his son Paul are excellent musicians and have a great collection of instruments themselves.  Craig's incredibly supportive of his son in his musical endeavours, and brightens my day every time he shows up at Long & McQuade Brampton for some new gear.  He had recently commissioned me to make a necklace for a charismatic friend of his own, who's a big fan of Cadillac automobiles.  Craig had been holding onto this gold Cadillac key, a promotional item the car manufacturer had been running for those who had purchased an automobile from a certified dealership.  The gold keys aren't made anymore, and there are very few left out in circulation in good condition.  Craig had offered me this key to create a necklace based around it and his friend's love for guitar.  I had included a faceted black onyx bead and silver plated guitar pick (ready for engraving if he likes!) with the key on a ball chain, masculine enough to be worn similarly like dog tags.  I included a backing card with a photograph of mine from my New York City photography collection, this one being of Columbus Circle.  Craig has come to collect it, and I've yet to hear what his friend thinks!  

I was really happy I could do this for him.  I had made a necklace his son's girlfriend for Christmas, wanting to include her on the Christmas Day gift exchange.  I've met her since, and she's told me it's her favourite necklace!  Paul has told me that she wears it every day.  To be honest, I had a hard time letting it go after it was done, but I was so pleased with myself when it was finished! 

She-Bop necklace

I love to do custom orders, and if you're interested - all you gotta do is ask!  Visit get yourself started!

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham

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Mikiye Creations said...

These are REALLY COOL!
Barbara's necklace is FANTASTIC!
You are SO creative!!!

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