Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cardboard Ninja!

There are a couple of kids on our apartment floor that like to act out role playing games: mobsters, soldiers, cowboys and aliens, cops and robbers, all that kind of kid nonsense.  I've had a few cellophane rolls lying around ready to be thrown out, but had decided on something else - ninja swords!

Simple enough to make: I had a sheet of stiff cardboard I had cut two circles, cut an X in the middle and pushed the cardboard tube through.  With the triangles from the X cuts flapped downward, I taped the pieces securely with coloured electrical tape - blue and black - and added a couple of toy ninjas to the handles for an awesome addition.

Of course, I couldn't hand these over to the kids without testing them out myself.

Well, they had passed my test!  Let's see what the kids think.

Seems they like 'em!  

My father has been complaining to me that kids nowadays have no imagination.  I beg to differ every Sunday afternoon when I hear these kids playing in the hallways.  I'm sure they're looking forward to warmer weather just as much as I am!

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