Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jumping Through Hoops!

There's always a little unique surprise in the 'quirky' components.  These orange and pink acrylic hoops, for example, I thought were really tacky when I first saw them.  Almost giving up on finding something that I could make 'work', I had found these to use in a custom project that had fallen through; a gift for someone who likes to wear orange and pink together, and somehow seems to pull it off.  I was never incredibly crazy about pink and orange myself as colours, but the combination of these two were nothing short of ghetto-fab - the good kind!

Orange Crush necklace

I love how the orange and pink came together in the necklace and earrings!  The setting took me a little while to think of.  The objective of the design was something simple that could be worn as a 'signature' to this quirky girl who likes her orange and pink in harmony, and could be layered with a number of other pieces in her collection, most likely.  The hoops are in various sizes, making them look like floating bubbles.  There was only one hole drilled for a jump ring, so using my drommel drill (a handy-dandy mutipurpose drill bit tool given to me by good ol' Dad!) to add another just slightly off-kilter from centre.  They're separated by a link from the chain used for both the necklace and earrings.  The earrings have a little more flair and got lots of movement, and for how large they are they're certainly lightweight!  Unfortunately - for her, I guess - the custom order had fallen through, and I've now posted them on my Etsy shop.  But what to do with all these leftovers?

For me, the more I use something, the more ideas come about.  Colour combinations start to come together, shapes and silhouettes form, and I get to work creating them!  I found myself with a new line of abstract earrings that found some new life in some old, 'tired' beads.  Take a look!

Tyger earrings, no. 1

Tyger earrings, no. 3

I've got a few more floating around, and I'm sure with a little ingenuity, I'll find some more creative ideas for these newly-fresh hoops!

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham

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Mikiye Creations said...

How cool will these look on a MOD girl?!

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