Friday, March 5, 2010

Late Night Friday Covets, Issue #9: Treasury Hunt

Welcome to another Late Night Friday Covets list, found in the little corners of Etsy!

I've been strolling the many Treasuries available on Etsy and found myself coveting these classy items. Not something to be taken for granted, you can find some new favourites, themes and colour inspirations for your own creations browsing these curated collections.  Take a look at a few favourite pieces I dig myself!

The Confabulation Of My Girlhood,

Roots leather journal,

Lemon Mist earrings (African yellow opal),

Because I Can Wooden Sign,

Green Patchwork Mosaic UnMusic Box,

Little Verdigris Butterfly earrings,

Knots tied with string,

Create Happiness pack of 6 pencils,

Obsidian Pendular,

Maple Leaf felt tree with birds of colour,

Recycled Vintage Tin Mini Dress earrings,

The Fern Collector bronze necklace,

Browse the Etsy Treasuries to find your new favourites - and don't forget to stop by to add to your list!


Kreativlink said...

Beautiful picks! I love Intres trees, have two already :)

Margaret Almon said...

Thanks for curating this!

kalé primitifs said...

Wonderful selections! I am honored to be here, thank you!!

zsb creations said...

Beautiful selection, thank you for "finding" my earrings :)

Intres said...

It's an honour to be part in your list!, thank you very much :)

Mikiye Creations said...

I'm convinced it was fate that we met!
I am SO diggin' all of these pieces you selected!
The Confabulation Of My Girlhood Necklace=AWESOME!
Roots leather Journal..I've been eyeing that shop for ages=AWESOME
...and how can you not LOVE the "Because I can" sign!
Little Verdigris Butterfly earrings=I want!
...perhaps I should just repost your post in this comment box!
GREAT selections!!!!!

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