Monday, March 1, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #5: Cozy Accessories

Boy, it's cold outside!  And snow is everywhere!  Well, despite all this white, cold stuff falling from the sky, people are more inspired than ever to get outside this season for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, just on the other side of the country from me.  We may be outside cheering our favourite athletes, but it doesn't mean we can't stay fashionable and warm at the same time!  Check out these fantastic handmade items perfect for your winter cheer!

Pixiebell Elfinwear
There's something about a well-knit hat that really makes you stare in awe.  Knitting is something I hope to master one day, and aspire to put something together as beautiful as these pieces of art at Pixiebell Elfinwear.  We've been assured on the profile page that this is far from "your Grandma's knitting", especially with the motto “Whimsical Knits For Mischievous Imps”!  They've also stated that their knitwear is "classic in design, yet playful in its appeal to our younger selves."  They've certainly succeeded!

A knitter yourself, you say?  You can purchase a PDF file of select patterns from Pixiebell Elfinwear's products!  

What's the word, tweety-bird? @elfinwear sold! and relisted the Knitting Pattern for The Original Beehive Beret Hat

 Pixie Hat in Black Cherry,

Oversized Beehive Beret Hat in Pumpkin Orange, 

Elfin Hooded Scarf Hat in Black,

The Slouch Hat in Oatmeal, 

Chunky Cloche Hat in Hazelnut, 

Earflap Helmet Hat in Lemongrass,

Fullenstar Studios Fiber Arts
The romantic in me loves ruffling, detailed scarves, and I tend to wear them all year round.  They provide you warmth in cooler season, an offer protection against the sun in warmer weather.  These scarves caught my eye immediately with their gossamer-like textures, interwoven fibers and beautiful textures.  The primary fabric used is something called nuno felt, a Japanese fiber felting technique melding loose fibers, usually wool, into a sheer fabric very much like a silk gauze.  Silk pieces are hand-dyed in small batches, and also uses fabric in her blending process purchased from other Etsy sellers, putting business right back into the Etsy community!  "These natural fibers will always keep you cozy without ever feeling overheated," the shop states, and by the looks of them, that seems like a perfect description.

A little shop secret:  If you're a 'green' shopper, there isn't a better place than Fullenstar Studios - she only uses environmentally-friendly soaps and fibers in her studio and all her creations!

Nuno Felt Ruffle Scarf - Celtic Black on Cream,

Nuno Felt Pixie Scarf - Victorian,

Nuno Felt Striped Scarf - Spring Pond,

Nuno Felt Striped Scarf - Lipstick,

Nuno Felt Lattice Scarf - Orange Spice,

Nuno Felt Ruffle Scarf - Blue Jeans, 

Rosebud Lips

Although the entire shop is beautiful, I must say I love the necklaces in this shop the most!  Rosebud Lips, based out of Texas, creates beautiful bridal accessories, childrens wear, hairpieces and other jewelry, all with handstitched fabrics and textiles.   Inspired by her mother, the creator of these beautiful pieces has her imagination at work making heirloom pieces for generations to come.

Set Hope Free.  Initiated by, this project brings awareness to the women and girls sold into slavery, helping bring back the dignity taken away from them so cruelly.  A portion of proceeds for each piece created for this cause will be donated to create care packages for these women to help them rebuild their lives.

What's the word, tweety-bird?  @myrosebudlips Cupcake Magazine Reviewed my products, and was thrilled! Yay. Here's the article they posted:

 Set Hope Free: Punk Diva Rosebud Statement necklace,

Set Hope Free: The Delynne Statement Bib necklace,

Set Hope Free: Margarette Rosebud necklace,

Set Hope Free: The Duchess Rosebud necklace,

The Vivienne Rosebud Bib necklace,

The Nostalgia Collection: Sherry Rosebud necklace with antique setting,

Find your own inspiration for spring on Etsy, whatever it may be!  Don't forget to visit my shop at!


Pixiebell Elfinwear said...

Gosh! Thank you ever so much! We are honoured to be mentioned among such lovely shops.

fullenstar said...

What a beautiful blog and sweet blogger! Thank you so much for including my shop!

Cassandra Watsham said...

Oh gawrsh, guys ... yer makin' me blush!

Thanks so much for enjoying!

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