Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beauty of Spring With!

Ooooh, spring is around the corner!  Can you feel it? has presented our most excellent creative blogging team with showcasing the Beauty of Spring with their fantastic array of products!  Spring is a beautiful season, full of rebirth, colour and sunlight, a wonderful and deserving muse for what we're about to produce!

So, it had me thinking - what is my favourite image of spring?  What's the one thing I look forward to when I know spring is about to arrive?  I walk to work almost every day, trying to stick to the scenic route (unless I'm running late, I've got a few shortcuts) along bikepaths and through parks.  Lately with the balmy weather, I've traded in the heavy winter jacket with a lighter cropped cordouroy jacket, perfect for warmer weather.  As I look about the park and through the bare trees, I see them - the small buds along the branches that will erupt into leafy greens and pink blossoms!  That perfect pale green shines much brighter on a sunny day, and it makes me so anxious for picnics and bikerides and long hours outside.  Green has always been a 'power colour' of mine, and I'm really excited to bring a 'green' collection!

The 'Green Awaits' collection focuses on these beautiful limited supply of Lemon Chrysophrase chips in a beautiful pale green.  Their jagged, unique shapes give a beautiful image of how each leaf on a tree is different from the next.   The premature buds, using Czech glass Bellflowers in Lemon Lime and fuschia glass rondelles add a little taste of what we'll expect to blossom and grow as we go deeper and deeper into the season and watch things grow!  Inspirations of vines, trees and blossoms are evokes with the sterling silver and resin Summer Oak pendant in lime green and the curving separator bars.  These pieces will be available for sale on my Etsy shop - well, maybe not everything quite yet.  I think I'll need to show these off first!

Green Awaits earrings

Green Awaits bracelet

Green Awaits ring
Green Awaits necklace, no. 1

Green Awaits necklace, no. 2

I must say that I was very surprised with the amount of Chrysophrase chips in the package - I still had plenty left over from all these projects!  

Well, since there's plenty more 'green', why not take Mr. Frog out for another adventure?

Mr. Spring Frog necklace ...

... and matching earrings!

No doubt you've seen these little froggies all over my Dollar Store Couture creations, and the chips were a beautiful match to this little green guy and these vintage lucite green beads floating around in my stash, waiting for the 'perfect' placement.  Now that I look at this piece, it's stuffed full of vintage!  Every single pink bead, the filigree and lucite (thanks to for these lovely filigrees, and check out else what they were used for here!) are vintage, and a beautiful 'girlie' match for the lovely greens, almost like a premature blossom, or the hint of colour from water lilies and flowers along the banks of marshes and swamps.  I've got a great pale yellow eyelet tee that goes smashing with this ... or I just may offer it up for sale on my Etsy shop?  Let's see what happens ...

I'm sure you're looking forward to the warm weather as much as I am.  I'm looking forward to days outside in the sun and soaking up these beautiful days while we have them.  Carpe diem with for your own expression of spring! 

Honourable mention to Designs by Victoria on her 'Beauty of Spring' challenge with her beautiful necklace inspired by a field of wildflowers, and another piece to look forward to with a sterling silver Dragonfly pendant as a focal point!

*Disclaimer: I had received these products free of charge from and I am making an honest review of the products and have not been paid for this endorsement as it pertains to the products received.

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham

Wildflowers Necklace photo courtesy of

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Designs by Victoria said...

It's so much fun seeing how differently people's interpretations of the theme come out, even with similar colors!

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