Friday, October 2, 2009

More Dollar Store Couture!

What do we have here?  Wait, didn't September end?

It did, but the 365-Day Make n' Tell Challenge lives on!

In spirit of the continuation of the creative juices that fuel us, we've decided to keep making stuff every day, and share it with all of you for the next 365 days.  Yes, that's right!  A daunting task, but we lived through the first month!  I've always said to my customers at my day job, Long & McQuade Musical Instruments, when they sign up for lessons, that the first month will indicate whether you can afford, and will enjoy the time invested learning an instrument.  This was a great month that really flexed some muscles for us, so we continue without haste!

Day #31 gave us an alternate version of the butterfly necklace I had made on Day #22, this time on a strong wire hoop, and matching earrings.


I have a whole bunch of toys I had purchased from a dollar store that have been inspiring to make some weird and fantastic things.  I hope I can blow some tops with what I can create with these little critters.

Day #32 is another necklace and earring set - and I think my new favourite set.  I've recycled this wooden heart in so many different necklaces, that I think it's finally found its home right here.

The bunches of dyed stone in green and blue are perfect together.  I had these stone chips for some time, in love with their vibrance in colour, but not knowing what the heck to do with them.  I had the wood heart pendant hidden in a recently unearthed box, and the laws of attraction worked themselves out when they were fused into this project.  I couldn't tell you how; it practically made itself.  I had included these Indian prayer beads as 'end chain charms' and an extra little touch to the pendant.  I got some matching earrings out of it, but obviously more blue than green.  That's okay.  They look awesome anyway.  There's a sparkle to the necklace without the literal sense. 

Don't forget - if you'd like to join in on the fun and be part of the Make n' Tell Challenge, all the information you need can be found on this post.  And anyone can participate by supporting your friends in this challenge!  Leave feedback for your favourite pieces, and learn about new artists through this amazing community!

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