Friday, October 23, 2009

Lots of Jewelry Inspiration!

I apologize to all those following that I haven't been catching up as of late.  There has been a bit of a troubling experience that I've had to do deal with (see post Adia: In Absentia), as well as some new listings in my Etsy shop.

Although I've been absent from the Challenge, I have been creative!  I'm excited to show you some of the projects I had been making this past week.  New jewelry designs, creative gift wrap ideas, even a new window display at work for Halloween!

In this post, I'll share with you the new handmade bling!

I have a bajillion (well, overemphasizing) spare keys lying around that were given to me over the course of time.  I don't really know what to do with them all, because I have so many.  If they were of the vintage variety, it would be a field day!  They're more of the 'lost house key you found in the couch' variety.  Not too bad, though, because I grabbed these smaller keys and made some fresh earrings with dangling chain in different metals and a caged bead to top it off.  They're a little heavy, as keys would be dangling from 'lobes, and truly, not an uncomfortable heavy.  They'll certainly remind you that they're there!

Well, I figured out one idea!  Here's a bunch more of those keys (and I have plenty more left!) with a series of bangles surrounding them.  Sometimes the bangles get really clustered and makes a really weird fit and forever to rearrange properly.  I really like the look, but need a better way to execute it without being a hassle to put on.  This one's still in the works!

I also had this necklace I had upcycled from a vintage necklace my mother purchased in Egypt and had given to her mother, who then gave it to me to 'try something new'.  I had first made this one, but felt it was a little 'off'.  No other feeling to describe it, just 'off'. 

Well, I think I got it now.  Check out the remix!

I like this one a bit better because of how it sits.  The bars all across the necklace made it really difficult for the necklace to sit the way I wanted it to whenever I wore it.  The chain was easier for the beads to sit on, and the inclusion of the white beads gives the necklace a little more dimension.

I even got some matching earrings out of it!

Here's another little 'crustaecious critter friend' for your wrist!  Here's the Mr. Crab bracelet!

I had used these calcite chips in another project a while back and was really drawn to their 'rosy-yellow' colour.  I was lucky to find them again, bought these porcelain striped seed beads and snagged Mr. Crab out of the bag of dollar store toys that just keep popping up now and again!  Remember those Mr. Frog necklaces, and the Summer Woods Butterfly necklace? Yep - the coolest use of dollar store toys ever!  I can also personally guarantee that Mr. Crab has a 'no pinch' policy.

The last few things I had been working on were for an empty Etsy shop category that I had meant to fill for quite some time.  I've got 'em now!


Beaded gift toppers!  Best part about these - you can wear them as lauriat necklaces, use as bookmarks, or use to wrap another gift!  These were definitely fun to make, and I'm excited about making more.

Thanks so much for bearing with the long absence!  I must go to catch up with some other work ... returning soon with more Make n' Tells!

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham

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The Tote Trove said...

I like the remix necklace. It's funny how rearranging a few things can make such a big difference.

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