Monday, October 12, 2009

Lost: More Clues for Frame #9

Another picture clue has been posted on for the URL reveal of Frame #9, the latest art poster to be released from the creators of Lost.

From a few guesses from the last clue given, those who guessed that Apple Computers had their hand in this weren't far off, according to this clue:

My guess, because I know these things - it's a podcast, accessible through iTunes.  This microphone, a Shure USB podcast large diaphragm condenser mic, is what I sell the most of at my day job, other than the Apex model, when it comes to folks doing web broadcasts from home or studio.  I'm almost ready to put my money on that.

What podcast?  I don't know - it would make sense if it were the Official Lost Podcast, unless the last clue will give us the actual podcast address.

*Editorial update!
We've come to discover that the first clue is part of an album cover by a band called '88 Keys', entitled The Death of Adam.  This is the cover in its entirety. 

The question is now whether if this will be a podcast by the band, or if the subject matter of the album name and cover have anything to do with subject matter in regards to Adam and Eve found in the caves, with the white and black rocks?

We'll see what happens!  Stay tuned to to see what's in store!

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