Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spider Jewelry For Halloween!

My spidey sense is tingling on this Make n' Tell Challenge!

Apologies for the lateness ... when I get to making something that is awesome, I don't usually stop for breaks.  I had recently performed a social experiment on Twitter with a retweet giveaway, the winner being Debby from!  Her prize was anything from my Etsy shop, and she chose the Spider Kiss necklace, no. 1!  A great pick for the upcoming Halloween bonanza!

Nick said that was his favourite one, and that I should make another one.  So, on Day #43, I stewed over a new spider necklace idea while I giftwrapped my new Etsy listings! 

My 'spidey senses' were tingling on Day #44 and #45!  Check these out!


This one's kind of macabre, with the flies caught in the net and the 'blood splatter'.  I had just finished this one today, and had a few more ideas.

Earrings, with 'flies' caught in a partial 'spider web'.

This is a smaller-scale version of the previous necklaces, something more of a 'sweetheart' neckline.  I thought a smaller one would be cute, for lack of a better term, and remembered I had a few black glass hearts left, and added one to the bottom of the web.

It's really late, so I gotta get to bed!  I'll be catching up with the rest of my 365-Day Make n' Tell Challenge friends very soon!

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