Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adia: In Absentia

In light of hearing more incriminating news about the founder of the Adia Foundation, a 'charitable organization' in which I recently did promote and donate to, I have been focusing efforts in reviewing information that seems to point that this organization and it's founder's intentions may be fraudulent.  I won't be posting any more about the Adia Foundation, and am no longer a supporter.  Donation items have been removed from my Etsy shop, as well as any links and posts referring to the Adia Foundation or 'Adia's Aunties' for the sake of privacy of those involved.  I have made a few comment posts on this blog, to which now there are nearly one thousand comments providing more incriminating evidence. 

For those involved in the Etsy community and are aware of this 'foundation', I do urge you to read this blog and be aware of this situation and the people involved for your own sake.  Now that it has infiltrated something we may have been taking for granted, like Etsy's 'safe' online community, there may be new precautions in place.

I do promise you that I have been making some awesome stuff, surely!  You will see the fruits of these past few days rather soon, once I get the camera's batteries charged.  Of course, I need to find the camera first.

I also apologize to the folks who've entered into my 100th Blog Post Giveaway, and will be announcing the winner on the next post within the next 24 hours.

Hope everyone is doing well!



I'm in the same boat about the Adia thing. I didn't donate, but had items in my shop where the funds would go towards the Adia charity (and nobody bought them, which I guess is for the best now).

It was a bit heartwrenching to see evidence that Nutmeg is a reseller, which made me question everything else. :( At least I know that the "Aunties" and others involved through Etsy were doing things out of the goodness of their hearts. It was a good group of people to meet and know, and at least I'll take that away from it.

Enough with disappointment! :) Glad to see you've been making awesome stuff! Good luck crafting!

Unknown said...

This is very SAD and disappointing.

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