Monday, October 5, 2009

The LOST Collection Featured on Mikiye's Creations!

Some incredibly kind words from this lovely, lovely person (once again, italics can't stress enough) about my pieces inspired by the hit television show Lost!

Mikiye Creations, the artist behind some of the most incredible hairpieces and bridal accessories I've seen, had recently become a big fan of the television show that I do so admire myself and posted a feature in her own blog!  These pieces are currently available for sale on my Etsy shop.  You can read all about Mikiye Creation's feature here!

Thanks again to you, dahling, and I do encourage that you follow her blog, as well!  Her handmade flowers and jewelry are incredibly inspiring and are the perfect touch to your perfect day, whichever day that may be ...

I know she made my day today!  If there was only a way to send a hug in a tweet or email ...

Take a sneek at what she's raving about, and read the original post here!



Unknown said...

Just looking at the pictures again gets me all excited with anticipation for what's going to happen next!
I think anyone that REALLY enjoys the show will ABSOLUTELY get a TOTAL kick out of these pieces!
HOW AWESOME OF A GIFT would these make for ANY FAN?!!!!!
Talk about a conversation piece!!!!

Cassandra Watsham said...

You're so cute! Now that the end of the season's coming up, we're gonna need to talk some ending theories.

Thanks again for the feature! This girl's hair accessories and bridal pieces are detailed, colourful and INCREDIBLE!

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