Monday, October 12, 2009

An Early Birthday Present!

While at Thanksgiving dinner at the Wilson residence, my 'third' family, Jenna was too excited about my birthday present and wanted to give it to me early.  My birthday isn't until October 25, but she insisted.

Jenna's a pretty crafty person herself, and enjoys scrapbooking the most.  She's an avid traveller, from San Francisco to England to Turkey, and has almost every vacation documented in beautiful keepsake albums.  She took that talent to the gift bag!  I gotta figure out where I can keep this safe ...


I found a shipping box from Apple in the bag, getting a little nervous/excited ...


And I couldn't believe my eyes!  Jenna had made a custom 2010 calendar with our New York City pictures!  She has most of the originals in colour and had used those, with a few of her own in previous trips, to make this awesome calendar!

She used templates from the iPhoto program on her Mac laptop, starting with her own.  She had so much fun making her own calendar she made one for me intending to be a Christmas present, but couldn't wait that long.  She instead gave it to me for my birthday, but couldn't even wait until then!

If you have a Mac computer, you can do this, too!  You can make photo albums, greeting cards, calendars and more right from the iPhoto program - using any pictures from your photo library!  I've already got a couple of portfolio books on the go, but keep editing them with all the new stuff I'm making.  It's great to see an example of a finished product, which is certainly impressive.

I couldn't wait to open it up and see what pictures she used.  What an amazing present!  Thanks very much, Jenna!

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