Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long & McQuade Field Trip: Cosmic Bowling!

I love where I work; not just because Long & McQuade is a great place to work, it's the people I work with.  We consider ourselves like a great big family, and treat each other the same way.

So, picture your family with about 15 or so big brothers, all musicians.  Yep.  That's my 'family'!  And I couldn't ask for a better one.  It helps that we all like each other, which makes coming to work that much more fun.

We just came from a recently planned social event, an evening of pizza, beer and Cosmic Bowling!  It also just happens to be the day before my birthday!  (Of course, wanting to keep this a low-key birthday, I was glad there wasn't a lot of attention brought to it, just a couple of 'Happy Birthday, Cassman!')  We had a great time, and a lot of 'goofballs' and 'gutterballs' toboot.  Nick won the game on our team, and was primarily behind the lens taking these great pictures.  I'm sorry I didn't get any of you in action, honey!

My bowling shoes, burgundy and pink.  Oh, the inspirations!

Nick's enjoying the space-age swivel chairs.

Jenna has joined us after her climb up the CN Tower for cancer research!  She was just a cheerleader for the evening.

Graham and Beej, 'nuff said.

Group shot, or Beej is trying to sell you something and these are his happy customers.

Found my lucky ball!

Jamie ...

Me ...

Not bad for a first throw, I guess!

Hey, wait!  Who turned out the lights??

Didn't quite keep my balance ...

And in fact, dropped the ball swinging it behind me!  Nick got this shot right after it happened.

This is me asking Nick if he got a picture of that, so that I could blog it and everyone could have a good laugh.

S'okay.  I got a gutterball anyway.

Jenna and Megan, keeping the conversation alive!

Beej's warming up for the next shot ...


That's why I'm here!

But I'm not doing so well (second from bottom).  Nick's trailing behind Charlie!

Beej and Graham reminds us that it's just a game, after all ...

... we're all here to have fun!

Second round!  With just about a half hour left, we're in speed bowling mode!

Go Will!

I lost my balance!

I did manage to knock something over!

Johnson reminds us how he can manage all that heavy lifting in Rentals ... by using his knees when he lifts heavy objects, like these bowling balls.  (What were you thinking??!?)

Johnson's best Fred Flintstone 'twinkle toes' impression!

Beej takes the easy route ...

... and seems pretty happy with the result.

Go, Lisa!

Okay, I'm cheating, too.

No, no, more to the right!

I think I got it ...

Not quite.

It's okay.  He still loves me.

Megan gives it a go ...

... but it looks like she missed.

Checking back with the spectators ... hey, where'd Nick come from?

Bromances all around.

Faces only mothers could love.

Nick's interpretive dance about the love of bowling.

And that's the night!

Thanks to Jamie for organizing the event!  I vote Jamie for social convenor of the Student Council!


Unknown said...

You look like you guys are having FUN!!!!

James Hudson said...

Sound like you guys were having fun there.I love hanging with my co-bowlers and like bowling non-competitively. But It's hard to be competitive under disco lights. Toronto's best bowling alley

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