Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cassandra's Gonna Wear: Outfit #3

So what did I wear to work today?  Sometimes going through your closet and finding stuff you hadn't worn in a while can be a 'new infusion' to what you wear everyday.  That's what happened today!

Here's the outfit:
  • Purple shirtdress, Stiches.  It's a ridiculous purple/pink colour.  It's bright and a few shades away from being offensive.  It really can't be worn on its own; it's tooo short.  I hadn't worn it in a while because you really need to be 'in the right mood' to wear colours like these.  I've been feeling that 'purple haze' lately ... being a good thing!
  • Black tank top, Giant Tiger.  I keep a stock of black and white tank tops and tend to wear them instead of camisoles.  I'm running around the store in top speed most of the time, so I'd rather something that'll form to my body instead of some slinky material that'll swish around.
  • Grey pants, Value Village purchase; Suzy Sheir.  I take some pride in these pants.  As a short person (5'2), I extremely dislike shopping for pants.  I am always ready to spend an extra $15-$30 to have them hemmed, after which the fit and style of the pants are almost completely wrong.  Sure, there are some petite sections and store I can shop at, but they don't fall right - especially if I wear heels.  These pants I purchased because they fit perfectly around the waist as a underwear-covering low-rise.  They're a wide leg with a front seam, which have always been a favourite style of mine, with enough flare to fall at just the right fit when hemmed.  And I hemmed them myself!  I've decided to learn how to hem pants myself to save some serious money, and practice on my thrift store purchases.  Success!
  • Black leather obi belt, Le Chateau.  I think I originally purchased this belt for a samurai costume for Halloween one year, and it was on sale, that I certainly remember.  This is one of my favourite belts that I've been able to wear with so many different things.
  • Black leather headband from a dollar store, my favourite black flats, black Dickies watch, my 'Hearts for Adia' and seahorse necklaces, and everyday bangles!
  • Dead Like Me necklace, no. 1, Design by Cassandra.  I had also dubbed this necklace 'RIP Mr. Frog.'  I had made this necklace in a slew of television-themed necklaces I had made, this one inspired by the show Dead Like Me, about a young girl named George who experiences an unusual death, only to be stuck on Earth working as a grim reaper.  Still amongst the living, yet undead herself, she experiences puberty and the pains of growing up while dealing with the tragedy of death, with hilarious results!  George has a pet frog in the show, and the show is introduced with a story of Frog and Toad taking care of the Jar of Death.  Click here to check out these necklaces in their full glory - and where the frog inspiration came from in the first place!
  • Black onyx dangle earrings, Design by Cassandra.  These earrings, in fact, made from the 'leftovers' of the two Dead Like Me necklaces I had made earlier.
I have a lot of jewelry that I've made and haven't worn yet, so I'm excited to incorporate more into my fall outfits.  Fall is a great time to wear jewelry, especially with all those pashmina scarves and v-neck sweaters to wear!  'Layer & Sweater Season' is here!


The Tote Trove said...

Great read! I too am short (5 ft) and loathe shopping for pants. That's why I usually wear skirts or cropped pants all year long. Jeans I just sort of give up on and wear them as they are.

starbaby said...

Love the outfit! Love your accessorizing!

I definitely understand the pants dilemma. I'm a wee bit taller at 5'4", but that is the cut-off for petites to normal pants. If I get petites, they're too short. If I get "regular", they're always too long, unless I wear heels. That isn't very often anymore because of a bad back injury.

We need to come up with a new size category, don'tcha think?


Cassandra Watsham said...

Thank you both!

I'm just hoping someone will start a fashion house meant for natural petite women of all shapes with some decent clothes that FIT PROPERLY.

Can I get an amen?!

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