Monday, October 12, 2009

A New Jewelry Set & A Coat Gets A Button-Lift!

A special weekend - it's Canadian Thanksgiving!  I make reference to 'Canadian' because I believe we celebrate it about a month earlier.  Much to be thankful for, especially for the turkey dinner at my friend Graham's house, so just a quick Make n' Tell weekend, really.

Day #41 was made while waiting for dinner.  This is a necklace and earring set I had made with flourite chips and silver chain.  The pendant is a piece of chain with a clusters attached, then another jumpring attached to the middle of the chain to fold in half.  I love it.  I fell in love with the translucent colour of these chips and wanted to do something that would bring out that feature.  Any white or silver settings bring out the best in light-coloured gemstones.


Day #42 is just a simple one, really, to give my hands a bit of a rest.  The calluses from the pliers are really starting to hurt, so I thought I'd start some new sewing calluses ... one little job at a time.  I had replaced the buttons on my favourite fall/winter coat, a three-quarter length single-breasted coat.  It has a removable faux-fur trim collar, but I have that put away with the toques and gloves and scarves in a box somewhere in the basement.  It'll be time to pull those out really soon!

These buttons were on the blue peacoat I had recently rebuttoned in September.  I've put these buttons on my favourite green jacket and figure I'd share the love with some more leftovers.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more fantastic stuff from me and my friends on the 365-Day Make n' Tell Challenge!

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