Monday, October 19, 2009

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Artisans across the globe are raising funds to help battle breast cancer, and I would like to do my part, too.  Nick's grandmother, Sharron, is a breast cancer survivor and is currently recovering splendidly, albeit she had her share of pain and suffering.  Brave women like Sharron suffer every day from breast cancer, while still retaining positive attitudes and still remain active in their communities as much as they can, to bring awareness to this cause.  Seeing Sharron through this ordeal has made her family much closer than before, and much more determined to help her and other women like her beat breast cancer for good.  I've gone through my shop, grabbed all the 'pink' stuff, and moved it all into the b r e a s t C A N C E R section in my Etsy shop, with 50% of the proceeds of these items being donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation during the month of October (2009).  Take a look at the wonderful gifts you can give, and saving a woman's 'best friends!'

Summer Woods Butterfly necklace,

Steve or Jack? earrings,

Flute necklace, no. 1 with FREE polish cloth,

The Flopper bracelet, no. 2 with gift box,

Jack's Jam Session earrings, no. 1,

Purple Heart Bangle necklace,

Le Primtemps necklace, no. 1,

Angel of Harod Square (B&W digital photograph) in sterling silver frame,

Bird of Paradise Bangle necklace,

"The Pink Dish" bracelet, no. 1, 

These items will be available for donation until they are sold!  Breast cancer doesn't just happen once a month, and donations are always needed to find a cure.  Be sure to visit The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to learn about preventative measures and self-examination tips to help yourself and the people you love.

Like my Etsian friend Jesse Janes would say, "Think Pink and Fight Like A Girl!"

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham

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