Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Dollar Store Couture!

Last few days gave us a few tornadoes that tore everything about, but thankfully we've been able to clean up just in time to give you the last few days of the 365-Day Make n' Tell Challenge!

Day #36 and #37 were somewhat combination projects.  I'm really taken by these frogs I had bought at the dollar store back in September, and I've been able to get so many ideas out of these little critters.  I had been switching off between two necklaces; one I had made already and liked the design so much, I'd decided to make another necklace with the same concept, but with different beads.

Then, the frogs happened, so that changed everything.  I ended up changing both necklaces, the one previously made didn't need to be tampered with, just 'added to.'  Mr. Frog's goin' downtown, ladies and gents!


The first necklace (now revamped froggy-style!) was inspired by a BeadStyle Magazine article, using different shapes in clusters on a large chain.  I had made this necklace some time in the summer and have worn it a few times, and in true 'Cassandra' fashion, I tend to remake things oh so slightly.  So, when I made this 'sunshiney day' necklace and attached this yellow frog as an off-centre accent, it made me smile that much bigger.  It's got class, it's got kitsch.  Enjoying what I had done to the yellow, I did the same to the grey with another frog in my collection.  Here's some more shots of the necklaces to show off the smaller bead details.  I used a myriad of glass, acrylic, lucite, and probably a few more I forgot to mention just now.  Take a look!


I had also made some matching earrings for each necklace.  I had already made earrings for the grey necklace, but revamped them slightly and took what I didn't use to make a second pair for the grey necklace.


Day #38 had me fixed on these black glass tube beads, a bunch of tiny red jasper heart and star beads I wasn't too sure what to do with, and these glass 'Jackson Pollock' beads that were a close match to the red jasper.  Great fit altogether, but how to put them together?  I figured it out last night.

I enjoy burst, surprise and movement in the jewelry I wear.  I also like bunches and bursts, and this all came together nicely.  I had one red jasper flower bead left, luckily, to use to weight the end of the extension chain.  I wore this to work today, and it was a very comfortable fit, with lots of compliments. Take a look at the detail pictures below to see just how beautifully these beads fit together.


I had also made a matching pair of earrings with plenty of beads left over.  I'll probably make a necklace with the leftovers!


I love these earrings; what a comfy, swingy fit.  I wanted to make some sort of black-based bracelet-combo-something to wear, realizing a lot of my stuff is brown.  It's wonderful when your vision doesn't stray far from the result.

I can get pretty obsessive over slight details, and usually won't hesitate in ripping apart a piece I had just made if I'm really not happy with it.  Lately, surprisingly, I haven't the urge to destroy, but rather to covet.  Weird; coveting my own creations.  I am a pretty selfish designer, because I make everything for me, and what I would wear.  In a way, that's what each of us does, so I don't feel entirely wrong about it.  Just so as long as other people can appreciate this stuff, too, it's not a complete loss.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more fantastic stuff from me and my friends on the 365-Day Make n' Tell Challenge!

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