Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michael Jackson's Neverland in Architectural Digest

Since Michael's death, I had wanted to make a tribute piece of wearable art, but wanted to portray less of the entertainer, more of the artist.  (There is a difference between the two!)  So, when I saw this magazine at the corner store while buying some milk, I took it as a message.

Inside the November issue of Architectural Digest is a photo essay and design information of Michael's home, Neverland Ranch.  The article features pictures intimate pictures of the atmosphere that Michael had kept from the previous owners, with his own touches of everything childhood kitsch to baroque garishness.  Not just the house, but the grounds with their water features, sculptures, gardens and installations are featured in a beautiful panoramic view of the grounds.  The article talks about Michael's choice of furnishings, as well as his decision to keep all the original furnishings from the former owners of the ranch.

Interior design can tell a lot about a person, without reading into coded personality traits on choice of colour.  Everything from personal habits to personal beliefs, preferred reading to furniture arrangement can show a person, once welcomed into the home, what kind of personal life they lead.  From these pages, I saw a man who wished for a private, normal life; simplicity, whimsicality, pancakes-in-the-morning kind of day with cartoons after school when the kids come home.  A lot of the artwork he has purchased is featured around the house, but don't stick out like expensive sore thumbs.  It's a charming home, seemingly meant for the durability of family life.  A nice look into the life of a man who gave us so much.

If you enjoy interior design at any level, I'd recommend picking up this issue from your local magazine vendor, and not just for Neverland - there are features of beautiful houseboats, Manhattan apartments, and Los Angeles ranches that are striking in colour, texture and arrangement.  A great alternative design process for jewelry makers, scrapbook and layout artists and clothing designers!

The average cost of the magazine is $10 off the shelf.  Check out the website for subscription options!  I'll be pouring over this issue imagining my dream house that floats ...

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