Friday, October 2, 2009

Late Night Friday Covets, Issue #6: The Birthday List

Welcome to another edition of Late Night Friday Covets!

My birthday's coming up later this month on the 25th, and I'm starting to make a list of things I'll spend my birthday money on.  Sure, I'll tell you how old I'm turning - I'll be 29.  I've got my eye on a few things that I'll consider.  Let's see if they'll be around for me to purchase by the time my birthday rolls around!
'Funky Bricks' handmade lampwork glass beads,

'Here Comes The Sun' necklace, 

Pearly Swirly bracelet, - check out the blog here or go to to enter the Fall Giveaway and pick your own prize!

Plant necklace, 

Rayon/organic cotton lace cup camisole, 

Time Traveler's jacket,

Vineyard lampwork glass keyring, 

Wild Bamboo mens t-shirt,

I have loads more that I want, but I have to same some for next Friday, right?

Come back next Friday for more additions to the 'birthday buy-list', and come visit to add to your own covet list!


Anonymous said...

oh!! Thank you so much for featuring my jacket!! You have a lovely blog, good luck with the jewelry!

Unknown said...

I LOVE rainbows and that plant necklace is AWESOME!!!

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