Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cassandra's Gonna Wear: Outfit #1

I'd like to think that I look pretty put-together when I leave the house for the day, especially for work.  The guys tell me on occasion if I'm extra-stylin', and ask me where I buy my clothes so that they can pass the word to their significant others, or buy them something pretty.  I may be approaching my thirties, but it doesn't mean I have to sacrifice style for the sake of "maturity".  Style is a sign of maturity.  We learn to like new materials and cuts, colours we'd never consider before start to infuse themselves into your wardrobe, and you start buying expensive clothing - but the basic stuff, like your good white button-up dress shirt, your black dress pants, the one, or two (or in my case, five?? why??) LBDs in your closet.  It helps, too, when you dress for a high retail environment, where business professional is the dress code, but you're still pretty active, running around the store at top speed a lot of the time.

I usually put my outfit together the night before because I like to sleep, simply put.  I'll squeeze in a couple more minutes of sleep where I can, without the expense of making myself late.  I could be late for anything else, but sleeping in doesn't sit right with me.  I had been wanting to wear the necklace I had made for September Make n' Tell Challenge: Day #14 for the longest time, but didn't really know how I could debut it in the right setting.  Well, here you go.
I love to wear green and brown.  They're my power colours; I feel grounded and in control of myself when I wear these colours.  I hate shopping for pants because I'm so short (5'2), so it can be really difficult to find the right fit without the fit of the hips landing around my thighs, and the crotch a little too low.  I'm also very slim, and even some smaller sizes can be a little big, which I'm glad for.  I trot over to the kid's section to find some stuff I don't mind destroying at work.

Here's what Cassandra's wearing:
  • Green military-cut khaki jacket, H&M.  The buttons were originally on this jacket, and decided to follow trend and change these buttons.
  • Brown dress pants, Rickis.  I am thankful for their amazing selection of petite styles, especially their wrinkle-free pants that seem to survive anything.
  • Yellow eyelet short-sleeve blouse, Value Village purchase; H&M.  This was a lucky find at my local Value Village for $3.  I couldn't tell you how much this shirt would have cost from H&M, but most likely much more than that.  
  • White eyelet camisole, Stitches.  I wear these out constantly, and I own a few of these.  They're in the washer often, and I wear them often underneath loose blouses.  They're adorable when worn alone in the summer with a cute skirt, too!
  • The bangles are a collection massed over a couple of years that I wear all the time.  I tend to switch between this brown-band Quartz watch and a wide black-band Dickies watch, depending on the outfit.  This one's the brown one!
  • Om bracelet, CNE/Arts & Crafts Building; Design by Cassandra.  I had purchased the bracelet a few years ago at the CNE Arts & Crafts Building, but it had broken.  I had fixed it and added the moonstones with the wood beads and had restored the paint job of the Om symbol on the wood piece.  I used to wear this bracelet all the time, which is probably why it broke.
  • Tiger eye necklace and matching earring set, Design by Cassandra.  I had made this set from some of the spoils of my CNE booty on Day #14 and I was so happy with the result.  
I think I'll post more outfits, and try my best to incorporate my own jewelry into my everyday outfits.  Leave a comment, let me know what you think!

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