Monday, September 28, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #26 to #28: Meet the Flintstones!

My goodness, where has this month gone?  Idle hands, they say!  Thank the stars for the September Make n' Tell Challenge, or I would be getting into so much trouble! 

The past couple of days my computer had been hijacked for a Season 5 marathon of Lost, and since it's not released on DVD yet, we've been watching it online.  I'm all gung-ho about making more Lost-themed pieces and have sketched some ideas out, but my brain's not quite there yet.  During this marathon, I've been hard at work at some more jewelry, just because it's the easiest to make when watching television.

I really can't quite remember which one started where, and when I finished them, so I'd like to consider this the the fruits of the past few days, in no particular order.


Finding some more critters from the depths of the dollar store treasures that keep popping up the past week or so, here's a stingray and a turtle ... or is it a tortoise?  Either way, they have pinbacks to adorn your favourite fishing hat!  I really like the stingray and may keep it, buuuuuut ... ah, we'll see.


These two necklaces I've dubbed the 'Betty and Wilma' necklaces, because the beads remind me of a technicolour boho vibe that I think these lovely caveladies would wear in today's 'rock' fashion!  These would also be awesome Halloween accessories, too!


You may remember these green beads from my CNE booty this summer, as well as my Etsy purchase from Artfaerie, with these lovely adventurine hearts and tiny crystals.  The agate donut I had for quite some time, but like a lot of cool stuff we have in our own personal stashes, we wait for the 'perfect project'.  I actually have two of these donuts, so I'll wait for another 'perfect project'.  I do love how this set turned out, especially the earrings.  For a small off-centre focus, I added an Indian prayer bead to bring the piece 'down to earth'.  Oooh, I may have a hard time letting this set go.

You may also remember these blue wood beads from the same stash.  I had found with a few combinations of shell and stone chips, and a shell pendant I didn't know what to do with yet, I had made this charming necklace, being rather pleased with the result!

My purchase from Angela from Summer's Creations of my Hearts necklace came gift-wrapped with a small key and bead charm, which excited me very much, because it gave me an idea to be inspired by Angela's incorporations of vintage keys into her jewelry.  I had made this necklace, featuring the key and the purple leaf bead from Angela, with my last moss agate triangle (see another necklace featuring this beautiful element here!), crystal quartz chips and a flourite bead dangling from the traditional Indian bangles encircling the pendant.


Another Halloween item, perhaps?  I call these the Superhero Earrings!  The mask charm reminded me of The Shadow, and the lightning bolt brought images of Captain Marvel.  I added round silver beads to 'hover' over the hero charms to add a bit more of a 'spacey' look.  Now, this is a must for any sexy superheroine!

And last, but not least, the piece de resistance, the one I think I'm most proud of this month:


Now, this one's got a little story behind it, mainly with the 'Sailor Moon'-like pendant.  I had found her at my local Value Village as a keychain, and fell in love with her instantly.  I then found myself madly in love when I learned a neat surprise - you can swivel the head inside for a different facial expression!  Now, mind you, this must have been over a year ago or so.  I had primarily used it as its original function until it accidentally split in half.  We generally tend to be pretty abusive with our keys at times, and I know that I can be, so I had realized that maybe she deserves a more delicate setting.  Finally, finally, I found it.  All the elements came together like a fairy godmother putting together Cinderella's dress for the ball.  Bibbity bobbity boo!  The entire layout itself took a couple of tries, and the end result is exactly what I want it to be.  The circle shell piece has three holes on the botton, and one on the top, but I had put it upside down and slanted to have the three holes trail down from the top centre to the right (when looking at the picture), creating a really nice side angle for 'Sailor Moon' to hang from a large picture jasper bead.  Most, if not all, of the brown crystals from my Etsy purchase from Artfaerie made bright bursts with anime spirit, and still bringing loads of class.  The green flower is real jade, and was taken from a ring I don't wear anymore.  Hey - I don't mind recycling jewelry, especially if it turns out like this!  I may sell this, I may not.  Argh, I hate making things I want to keep.

This concludes the marathon Make n' Tells for the past few days ... I think I'm gonna go make some more!  What have my September Make n' Tell Challenge friends been up to?

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Unknown said...

LOVE the the new pieces!
The last one is REALLY FUN!
Oh yeah, I TOTALLY thought of you when I saw this listing...\
Uh huh...the bottle with the note...
I think it'll work nicely with the theme!
Promise to tell you when I post a link...been lagging!

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