Sunday, September 6, 2009

District 9: Non-Human Target Practice

My boyfriend has taken up marksmanship and is doing his research on different kinds of pellet guns and archery.  He had come across this poster, and had asked me to print a couple of copies, and I started to have a field day with what kind of 'paper crafts' I could do with this image.  I thought I'd share it!  Click on the image and save the full-size to your desktop.  If you do try make anything, I'd love to see what you've done!

Oh, and the movie was incredible!  I was asked by a colleague if it was a 'far-out science fiction', and I would think anything with aliens would naturally have a 'far-out' element.  It certainly didn't fail there!  It also had a taste of political statement to it, proving the validity of a former American President that the only time the world would bond together is when an invading alien race threatened the human race.  If you don't mind the science fiction, have a strong stomach, and enjoy movies that evoke thoughtful conversation afterwards over a meal or a couple of drinks, this would be a great movie to see.


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