Monday, September 14, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #14: Fun With Beads from Artfaerie!

Weee! A special September Make n' Tell Challenge!  Why?  Because my Etsy purchase from arrived today in the mail!


I had purchased the red adventurine hearts and turquoise chips, and was surprised to receive some surprises in store!  Agnes had also included the pink glass leaves, circle shell pieces, a small container of brown crystal beads, and these great silver endcaps!  How generous this lovely lady is!  Thank you very much, Agnes!  I was so inspired when I put everything together that I had my tools out as soon as I got home from work.  So, for this Make n' Tell Challenge, I made a bunch of stuff using the beads from Agnes' package, and mixed in a couple of my own.  Take a look!


In my creative purge, I finally had an idea for the beads I had bought from Nick's and my day at the Canadian National ExhibitionVoila!

 (I know the pictures are a little dark.  I didn't have the right lighting.)

It's always fun to make stuff when you've got brand new stuff!  Thanks again to Agnes at for the extra gifts in my purchase!

Now, let's see what our September Make n' Tell Challenge superfriends are up to ...

Laura's on vacation!  Wonder what she's making ...
A Frayed Knot Knits

A bracelet by Lisa I'm definately coveting!
BeadCrazed by Lisa Lutz

Canning, knitting, and a little apple butter on the stove!

The parasol is finished ... and well worth the wait!
Designs by Victoria

Good ol' meat smoking!
Life Stiles

Projects on procrastination finally meet their maker!
Mrs Gryphon

Fruit and Candy Couture!
The Tote Trove

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The Tote Trove said...

This ring is cool; I'm a sucker for clustery rings.

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