Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #8: Buddha Necklace

T'is time to for Ye Ol' September Make n' Tell Challenge: Day #8!

I'm pretty darn tired.  I've been organizing my photos from our day at the Canadian National Exhibition and writing a chronological blog (in my 'Draft' file presently), and had been staring at some of these beads that I had bought in the Arts & Crafts Building when we were there.  So I shoved the blog aside for now and finished the necklace I had intended to make for a while with the pendant that I purchased from Jesse Jane's!

The pendant is the Stone Buddha pendant from jessejanes.etsy.com, the blue beads recycled from a broken necklace my mother had given my grandmother when she returned from her trip to Egypt, snowflake obsidian beads I had bought from the CNE Arts & Crafts Building, and some other glass and semi-precious beads from my own stash.  I added a lucite briolette and bali bell with the pendant, and a red jade flower near the screw clasp.  I always like to add a small bead or charm where the clasp is for an easy find when you have to reach to the back of your neck.  I love this necklace, and I think I'm keeping this one to myself.  Thanks to Jesse Jane's for the great pendant that inspired this necklace!

In the meantime, what did our September Make n' Tell Challenge friends do today?

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She'll have to teach her future 'egg chef' how to make this scrumptious meal!

Some garnets to brighten a blue day ...
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The Tote Trove

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Sarah said...

That is so elegant and gorgeous. Just beautiful!

Jesse Janes said...

The necklace came out beautiful!!! I love it! I'm glad you're keeping it for yourself. :0)


jesse :0)

Mikiye Creations said...

Definitely love the way this necklace came out!
I LOVE anything creative like this with an ethnic flair!
...isn't it funny how every now and then you make something and then "kinda don't wanna sell it?"

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