Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #16 & #17: Fruit for the Trail Mix & A New Bangle Necklace

Well, make it a September Make n' Tell Challenge, 'Point n' Laugh' Part Deux.

It had been a while since I worked a 'burn shift' (working an 'open to close' shift), and didn't realize how tired I was until I fell asleep reading and woke up at 4 am!  Nick had left to go to the weekly jam session at Tracks Brewpub for a couple of hours, and found Edward, my new kitten, curled up under my chin, and me askew on the bed with book on the floor, both of us asleep.  I wish he had taken a picture.  He then came to bed, and when I finally awoke at this ungodly hour, I couldn't get back to sleep.  It didn't concern me much, because I knew I'd be sleepy in another hour or so.

Well, remember the fruit in the dehydrator?  I snuck a peek and they turned out pretty good!  I think I might have let them sit a little too long for my liking, but they're still tasty.  Now, with all this dried fruit, what could I do with it?

Did I hear someone say 'trail mix' ... with a 'Cassandra twist'?  Oh, yes!

Here's the mad concoction:
  • the dried fruit - Granny Smith apples, peaches, strawberries, red and green grapes
  • the cereal - Honey Nut Cheerios, Quaker Corn Squares
  • the surprises! - coconut-toasted marshmallows, pieces of chocolate chip cookies (both store-bought), all thrown in a Ziploc bag with brown sugar and cinnamon, and proceeded to dance around the kitchen like a fool to shake it up real good, because it was the middle of the night and no one was around.
I had taken my mix to work to share with everyone. 'Communal snacks' happen pretty often, and they always seem to be kept in the Concert Band storage room, in just enough reach to hide the treats from the customers, with a great view of the sales floor to see who needs help while you help yourself!  One of the guys will buy a big bag of potato chips, or a package of cookies, a box of doughnuts, really anything anyone might be craving that day and buy enough to share with everyone.  Dan, the store's assistant manager, and 'team captain' of the Band Department!, declared the delectable mix a big hit, which was probably the most important opinion that mattered in regards to its 'balance'.

photography credit: Dan McNab,

And a quick plug - for photography fans, I do recommend you check out his blog, 'Nibs by Nabbs'.  He lives in a beautiful rural area in wide open spaces, and has two really awesome kids that he adores.  As a hobby photographer, he has a natural eye for capturing some timeless and beautiful images.  Check out this blog for some of my favourite images, and follow his blog for more fantastic photographs!

Well, tonight, I'll admit that I was a bit lethargic.  I didn't have a very good morning after I had returned to bed about 45 minutes after my show-stopping dance number with the trail mix as my partner in the kitchen.  It had worn me out, and it was all ready for me to take to work.  Well, after I had fallen asleep, which was about ten minutes later, the power seemed to have gone out, and I wake to a blinking clock.  Oh, boy.  I call into work, just to let them know I might be a few minutes late, and proceeded to work with my twenty minutes of prep time.  Someone had used all the cold water, a kitten (I can't identify which one) had pooped in the bedroom, and I couldn't find my bag lunch for the day, let alone my keys.  The gods of the morning routine were working against me.  I was ten minutes late.  I don't like to be late for work, it sets me in a weird 'funk' for the rest of the day.  Charlie, the store manager, didn't say anything about it, but I really don't like to make habits of these things.  It tends to weigh heavy on me.  Charlie, bless him for taking pressure off.

Tonight I'm working on a couple of necklaces.  Victoria's multi-chain necklace had me thinking of a few broken silver chain necklaces I have in a 'slush' box, and give it a try.  I've also been kind of an eclectic girl, adding things that shouldn't go together, but do.  So, I started with making the necklace itself, and started my collection of 'eclections' to add here and there.  I'll be sorting through these, and I plan on taking a trip to Michaels or Earthworks tomorrow for some special stuff.

I had started another necklace that keeps resurfacing, with red jasper beads in shapes of flowers and stars, and a brass sparrow pendant.  Since I hadn't finished it in so long, I was looking at it with new eyes and partially dismantled it.  End result - better than I expected!


It's pretty late now, and I'm still feeling the burn of two days of what feels like 'rushing around'.  I'm very happy for the day off tomorrow with a little luxury of sleeping in.  Visit my September Make n' Tell Challenge friends and see what has inspired them today!

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