Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three Cheers for Glory St. Germain!

I received an email from Glory last week or so, saying that she had ordered me a 'guitar hoodie', and would like my mailing address. You may remember this lady's shining face from the Ultimate Music Theory & Full Voice Workshop at Long & McQuade Brampton, and our visit at the MIAC/PAL 2009 trade show.

Well, to my surprise, look what arrived in the mail today, and I wore proudly to work!

We dress the professional bunch here at Long & McQuade Musical Instruments, with our shirts tucked in and ties presentable ... well, the guys, at least ... sometimes I wear a tie when I feel like it ... anyway, you know, we're professional salespeople and treat it as such.  It can also be pretty physical, running around the store, lifting heavy and large instrument cases, so wearing something like this wildly awesome and my new favourite hooded zip-up sweater to end all sweaters! would be absolutely appropriate, instead of the occasional constricting jacket or blazer.

I guess you've figured out that I absolutely love this guitar hoodie, and will be wearing it faithfully to work, well, every day!  Perfect fit and will be a very stylish layer in the chilly winter when they leave the Rental Dept. door open!

Thank you so much, Glory!  What a generous gift from a shining star!  Look in your mailbox - because I have your mailing address, too!

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