Friday, September 25, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #23 to #25: A Little Too Much Television

Oh boy ...

I fell asleep last night with the television on during my rewatch of Lost on DVD, without posting my September Make n' Tell Challenge! (For those interested, I'm in Season 4 right now.  Kate and Jack just found Juliet, Daniel and Charlotte outside the Tempest station, just after the 'toxic gas' was 'made inert' so that it would kill everyone on The Island.  Trust me, you have to watch this show, especially with the last season airing in January 2010.)  I also haven't been in the greatest of health, still fighting the after-effects of a cold and all, but I've certainly been hard at work. 

Day #23 brought us a new trail mix!


Here's a list of the tasty ingredients this time around:
  • dried granny smith apples and peaches
  • Quaker Corn Squares, Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • mini marshmallows
  • tossed all in a bag with brown sugar and cinnamon, and proceeded to (once again) dance around the kitchen to mix it all up!
I've been bringing this mix to work, again with huge success to my colleagues.  I'm regulating its exposure to make sure it's not all eaten on me!  I love my 'bros from work', but they can be gluttons.

... and Day #24 is the beginnings of a strange hand puppet, made with some 'groovy' '60s vintage pattern fabric!

My friend's mum (my friend's name is Chris) had these old dresses she had made herself in the 1960s, and had given them to me when they were 'destashing' while packing to move to Collingwood.  I fell in love with these patterns, although Nick calls them 'tacky'.  I think that's why I love them so much.  The puppet's hairstyle, courtesy of some fringe yarn, and weird mismatched buttons for eyes.  Adds character!  I haven't named the puppet yet, but I'm sure something wacky will come to mind when I add some final touches.

What does Day #25 bring us?  Something else from the fun dollar store finds previously used, most notably on Day #22.  The butterflies were big enough for another idea that I had, with smashing success!

I chose a larger butterfly that would spread across the top of my hand with good, comfortable placement.  The top wings were spread wide enough to wrap partway around the wrist to finish as a bracelet, and the tips of the bottom wings to meet to a ring.  Nick and I are big fans of the show Fringe, and had mentioned that this particular butterfly reminded him of a recurring image on the show.  Some of you may recognize it - the butterfly with razor wings, used occassionally as a glyph in between adverts.

Yes, those are bones within the wings.  Kind of like Wolverine's adamantium skeleton.  In a butterfly.  Trust me, you just have to watch the show.

I'm thinking of maybe 'moding' the butterfly with a paint job, painting the yellow body black, and bones on the wings.  The long black glass beads were somewhat meant to represent the bones on the edges of the wings, without adding anything to slice up the hand ... or the foot!  Look below!

It fits incredibly comfy on my foot!  Don't worry, I washed it and everything, because I plan to list this and many other things I've made this month on my Etsy shop.  This bracelet/ring onesie would probably be a great Halloween accessory for a goth faerie/princess/rock star/whatever costume!

Let's keep up with our fellow September Make n' Tell Challenge friends!  I've missed you guys so much!

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Mikiye Creations said...

I only watched up to when you find out that John is the one in the casket that Jack breaks in to see.
I KNOW! I haven't seen anything passed that since it's not in Netflix to rent yet!
Hope you're feeling better!

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