Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #9: Resizing a Bracelet - To Make Earrings!

It's that time again ... time for another September Make n' Tell Challenge!

It's a little late in the night tonight, so I wanted to do something without much effort.  I had decided to adjust the bracelet that I had bought from 'The Painted Lady' at the CNE Arts & Crafts Building.  I figure with a couple extra beads added to the bracelet, I could remove two leaf sections and make matching earrings.  Tonight, I just made the earrings and left the bracelet to another day.

Here's the original bracelet.

And here are the matching earrings!

I had used small cats eye beads and polished agate stones to dangle on the bottom of the leaves.  I didn't want to get overboard with any pink details for the rhinestone on the leaf, so I kept to the colours on the larger brown and black stone.  I think they turned out swell!

Before I turn in for the night, lemme see what my September Make n' Tell Challenge buddies are up to!

Procrastination leads to new inspiration!
A Frayed Knot Knits

Cosmic Glass!  Whoa!
BeadCrazed by Lisa Lutz

Happy to help a friend with her gorgeous 'upcycled' reversible necklace!

The 'burgundy kick' continues!
Designs by Victoria

Something's underfoot!
Life Stiles

Sarah puts a 'fritatta' bug in a hungry ear, with fantastic - and tasty - results!
Mrs Gryphon

No tote is complete without rhinestones!
The Tote Trove

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