Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge & Giveaway! Day #2: L'il Miss Rock Star Care Kit (CLOSED)

Second day of the September Make n' Tell Challenge!  Let's get it on!

I'm still working on those Twitter signs for Long & McQuade Brampton, but I've been given a bit of an extension on finishing them, so I've shoved those aside for now.  I'm too excited to show you all this!  Ooooh, man!

This is a combination of two of my favourite things - giving gifts for the "pay it forward" cause, and making really, really awesome care packages and gift baskets!  I've made this 'L'il Miss Rock Star Care Kit' with all the accoutrement a young lady needs for her first day at the School of Rock!  I'll be drawing the lucky winner's name on Saturday, September 5th for this package!  More details are below, but let's continue with the "Tell" part first!

I have quite a number of large white gossamer bags from a bridesmaid idea I was working on for a friend, and bought a few extra more.  (I tend to be a 'packrat' at times - there always may be a future use for something!  My stepmom was the queen of the second 'R' - Reuse!)


I snagged one of these, brought it to work and filled it with a few things that would fit inside - guitar-shaped eraser, keyboard ruler, glitter pencil with musical notes running down the side, a Long & McQuade pencil, pink glitter jewel 'stick-ons' in the shape of a treble clef.  This is the kind of stuff you'd find in my pencil case - I have a Hello Kitty eraser, a few different pencils with guitars, checkers in neon colours and Spiderman on them (I know!  I'm still seven years old sometimes!) and my two best pens - my prized Yamaha ballpoint pen I recently acquired from the MIAC/PAL trade show, and a pen I had acquired from one of my favourite neighbourhood bead stores, Earthworks. Those don't go as far as my nametag lanyard.  These probably won't see the outside of her pencil case!

I had picked up a package of commemorative Woodstock picks made by Planet Waves, with different colours and graphics; the iconic dove on the headstock of a guitar, a hand holding up a 'peace' sign, as well as the peace symbol, and the flowers above!  I love the blue 'tortoise shell' finish, and made some dangly earrings with faceted crystal beads and chain.  Really rock n' roll!  My previous 'cut n' paste' project from Day #1 produced some leftover instruments cut out from a catalogue, ripe for a project.  That's what you see on the right!  It's a magnet!  I have a couple of misprinted sheet music books, and I use the pages for random ideas.  (You'll see strips of torn sheet music along the sides of the backing cards of my jewelry announcing my Etsy shop!  A personalized way to 'sign' each piece!)   I used double-sided tape and adhered it to cardstock, with hand-ripped edges.  I attached two strips of magnets on the backside, and covered that with another piece of cardstock.  An awesome locker magnet to hold up your schedule, latest project reminders, photos, or anything else kids nowadays put up in their lockers.  (I had the Rolling Stone cover with the Smashing Pumpkins when they released 'Mellon Collie and the Infinate Sadness', with a whole bunch of other music posters.)  I even put my blog and Etsy shop address on the back on a few torn strips of sheet music - my 'signature'!

The outside tag is from last year's Fender guitar calendar, featuring the Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 'Hello Kitty' Stratocaster guitar, the cutest side of rock a guitar will ever be!  I also made a paper crane with sheet music, attached some star appliques and put a black elastic thread through the body.  Creative little gift tags!

What you see is what's static so far.  Operative term: so far!  The lucky winner of this little gift set may find themselves with a few extra surprises thrown in the package!

Here's what you have to do to enter:  Comment below what you posted in your locker in high school!  Was it your favourite band?  Was is the boy that caught your eye?  Was it the cheat sheets for that calculus test you had last period?  I will write everyone's name who has commented on this post in a hat and announce the lucky winner on September Make n' Tell Challenge: Day #5. (That's Saturday!)  A great gift for the Rock Princess in your life, or some awesome stuff to covet for your own pencil case!

I practice the "pay it forward" motto quite a bit, and enjoy when I can put other people in the spotlight.  Giving an unexpected gift is an automatic smile, probably a hug, and bragging rights about how cool you are to her friends.  "Check out these earrings!  They're guitar picks!  With flowers!"  This little giveaway is a great opportunity for the winner to practice the "pay it forward" movement.  Even if it's part or whole - you've made someone's day!

Now, I'm off to see what my fellow September Make n' Tell Challenge artisans are up to ...

The birth of a crocheted market bag!

Beautiful, luscious, succulent ... homemade raspberry jam!

Keep the sun off your face in style!

Dream with this amazing "technicolour" tote!

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Laura Y. said...

I love it! Let's see...what did I post in my locker? There was almost certainly a mirror, maybe a political bumper sticker or two (I was in debate)...some stickers, maybe? I don't really remember having much up inside my locker. I feel like maybe it was frowned upon at my school...but it was a really, really long time ago so I'm not 100% sure.

The Tote Trove said...

This giveaway is the most outside of the box one I've ever seen! It's awesome. So, about the locker. I had magazine pages of colorful things I liked, and some cool magnets. One of the magazine tear outs was of Antonio Sabato Jr. My sister accused me of posting it because I was trying to look cool. She was right! I mean, Antonio was hot and all (new reality show nonwithstanding), but I wasn't really the kind of girl who regularly displayed Hollywood hunks for everyone else's perusal.

Leah said...

Cool idea! I vaguely remember a cartoon from the newspaper, but I think we weren't allowed to tape things up. I remember on my 18th birthday, my friends wrapped my locker door like a package.

DeShawn Marie said...

Mmmm well this is going to date me quite a bit!! I'm pretty sure I had a Billy Idol poster up of some sort. Maybe a few stickers or so. Uh it's a long time ago LOL

Sarah said...

Yikes! It's Saturday already! I'm embarrassed to report that I had a magnetic notepad that said "You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps." I thought it was original and hilarious. My BFF would leave me notes on it, because we had terribly important things to communicate. Heh! Thanks for all the feedback, too, Cassandra. I love the encouragement!

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