Friday, September 11, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #10 & #11: Finishing the Resized Bracelet

Thanks to everybody for the well wishes!  It's just a nasty cold, s'all.  I'll be heading to work tomorrow come headache or cough because I'm suffering from 'cabin fever'.  At least I kept my hands busy!

Lots of housework during the day, and the evening to catch up on some projects.  So, without furthur ado, I give you the September Make n' Tell Challenge for Day #9 and Day #10 - in one post!

The first was 'fixing' the bracelet I had bought at the CNE when Nick and I spent the day.  The bracelet came from 'The Painted Lady' booth for $10!  I love the leaves, and I'm always a big fan of off-beat colour combinations, like the pink rhinestones with the black and brown stones.  It was a little long, so I managed to sacrifice two leave and make earrings.  I did those yesterday, but here's a picture of them!

Here's a picture of the original bracelet ...


And here's a picture of the new bracelet!

(Pardon the slight colour difference - the light had burnt out and I'm using a desk lamp.)

I used small cats eye beads on eyepins between the leaves and a polished agate stone with brown spots.  It drapes so well on my wrist, especially with the agate stone in the centre.

The second one had been lurking in my 'to do' box, an idea that I had a little while ago.  I may post this on my Etsy shop for Halloween!  Here it is - the Dragon necklace!


The dragon pendant is sterling silver, and I've had it for a while.  I had a second one I had made a bracelet out of and sold on my Etsy shop.  The red beads are dyed stone and the round black beads are glass.  I'm considering replacing them with lava stones, and a large lava coin above the dragon as part of the pendant.  I included an extender chain and, once again, added a 'charm' to either side for a quick and easy find behind your neck.  The more I look at it, the more I'm not entirely sure yet whether I'll sell it or not.

I had picked up a bunch of bangles that are worn traditionally by Indian women (I've used them in 'Repurposing Bangles' and in 'September Make n' Tell Challenge: Day #4'!) from my local Value Village.  I, in fact, have so many, I'm really not too sure what to do with them all.  I'm a queen at 'repurposing' stuff, so I wasn't too worried about my 'creative block' with these bangles.

Nick's sister stopped in to make sure I was feeling okay, and I got her to help me with an ornament idea, and gave her a bit of a challenge, which is always fun!  I told her to 'go nuts' combining bangles with beads in any combination she thought looked awesome, and throw them into small organza bags.  I told her to think of 'really big, flashy earrings, and you're designing the sample.'  She had a lot of fun with it, and I had to keep reassuring her that yes, she could use any of the beads in the pile.  The organza sacks above are what she put together, and starting tomorrow, I'll turn her concoctions into something real!

And Nick surprised me with his own dessert concoction, inspired by a dessert his mum makes ...

Chocolate Pudding Cream Cheese Tarts!  They were absolutely delicious!  He wouldn't let me watch him make them, insisted that I 'stay in bed, let me bring them to you,' so I can't tell you how he made them.  (I think he wanted me out of the kitchen so that I wouldn't infect anything with my cold cooties.)  He did say to me that he had wanted to do this for a while, and it was a bit of an experiment.

By the whip cream on your mustache, I'd say it was a success!

Thanks to everyone again, and I will call it a night tonight to make sure I get plenty of rest.  Before that ... what did my September Make n' Tell Challenge amigos do today?

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Lisa Lutz said...

Cassandra, you have so much creative energy! You are an inspiration! Love both pieces, especially what you did with the bracelet and even managed to squeek a pair of earrings out of it too!!

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