Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #3: Brent & His Guitar

Welcome to September Make n' Tell Challenge: Day #3!

This day's Make n' Tell continues with the music theme.  I am a musician, because playing, listening, making and living music is what I love to do.  I do have a job selling musical instruments during the week, which I love, because I get a chance to help feed people's desire to express themselves through music.  I develop a comraderie with them when I help them choose their instruments, recommend books and music to learn, or introduce them to some of our teachers who work at our lesson centre.  It's also like a someone who loves cars working in an custom builders; sometimes the really 'sweet rides' come in that are really drool-worthy.

So, on that note, let me re-introduce you to my friend Brent Lindsey, our trusty guitar technician at Long & McQuade Brampton and his favourite - and sexiest - Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar in a white finish with all-gold hardware.  You'll remember Brent from his guitar antics in our Led Zeppelin tribute performance with his six guitars and acoustic magic.  This guitar is an incredibly stunning instrument, and I was lucky enough to have my camera with me today when he brought it to work to add some final touches.

Gettin' her all pretty for the camera!

I took a lot of angular shots of the guitar and took advantage of the pot lights for lighting.  I had then duplicated them and played with some effects to change them to black and white photos, or different colour tints.  The first picture you see from the pair is the unedited original.

 Picture #1

Picture #1 (edited)

  Picture #2

 Picture #2 (edited)

 Picture #3

Picture #3 (edited)

Picture #4

Picture #4 (edited)

Picture #5 

Picture #5 (edited)

Picture #6

Picture #6 (edited)

I don't have any fancy software; just good ol' iPhoto!  I'll probably print a couple of these to give to him and put up in his workshop. 

I'd never been a fantastic painter per se.  I had tried my hand in watercolours and managed a very nice painting of red lillies on a turquoise blotted background.  This would probably be a good month to try it again!  I have a natural eye for photography and try to keep my camera in-hand when I walk to work.  There's always a little something, a flower, a car, a building (a guitar!), or even the landscape scenery around you, city or country.  Still life has always been my favourite because I like to examine the minor details of items that interest me.  Nature and animals are my favourite to photograph for that reason.  Take a look at my Gemstones photoblog for great 'nature' photography!

In the meantime, let's visit our friends on this third day of our September Make n' Tell Challenge! 

End the merciless hunt for your cell phone in the caverns of the woman's purse!

Proof that your perspective on something nearly impossible can be overcome with some encouragement!

Repurposing vintage elements and freshwater pearls into something classic!

A hand at outlining some 'Happy Stuff'!

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The Tote Trove said...

These photos are so dramatic; I especially love the black and whites.

Also, your wrap-up of everyone's Make and Tell Challenge progress is really witty! Great idea.

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