Friday, September 4, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #4: Gift Wrap for Bangle Necklaces

Hello, and welcome to Day #4 of the September Make n' Tell Challenge!

Today's Make n' Tell is a procrastinated activity.  I had been drumming over ideas on how to package my 'bangle necklaces' (featured in my blog 'Repurposing Bangles!') to be ready to post on my Etsy shop.  It's always a punishment when you try to be truly original and overthink how you want to play things out.  As much as I would love to make custom boxes or velvet pouches for each necklace, I just simply don't have the time.  So I keep my eyes and options open, still the stubborn little voice in my head says, "But the boxes would be amazing!  You know they'd turn out so beautifully!"  Perhaps I'll make one or two as separate keepsake boxes later, but here is something more practical, and just as beautiful.

I see a lot of jewelry artists use sheer gossamer bags that tie off with ribbon as gift bags.  I secretly get excited if my purchase comes with it, and I use the bag to store the piece in my jewelry box, or I'd practice my third 'R' and reuse it for something else.  Thinking of this, I had figured the best way to 'practically' store these necklaces would be in these bags.  These bags are really pretty, functional, and come in a whole bunch of different colours.  You can find them in craft stores, dollar stores, gift stores and department stores, and you can decorate them to your liking!

I always like to add a little extra surprise whenever I package my pieces.  It always leaves a smile!  I still have a whole bunch of bangles left after making my 'bangle necklaces', and opted to make a removeable piece made of bangles and beads.  I tried to use 'sun-catching' beads with facets and bright colours that would reflect and glow in light for the ornaments, so that they can be hung in windows, on rear view windows, on Christmas trees (another idea to make with these bangles!) or anywhere else you'd like to reflect a little colour.  I think they turned out pretty swell!

The first picture is the necklace, and the second is the packaging for the necklace.





I have a few more necklaces to package, and I'm going to try to find some different colour bags to coordinate.  Along the lines of making gift baskets and care kits, I also enjoy the simple, elegant art of gift wrapping.  Not just the zen activity of folding paper neatly with perfect creases and placing tape carefully as if to appear the paper is holding its own shape around the box, but the presentation of the gift itself.  Christmas and birthdays have me making alternatives to the generic gift tags, bows and ribbon used to adorn presents.  As much as my parents say, "All we're gonna do is tear it apart!", I tell them it's like appreciating the presentation of a meal before you devour it off the plate.  I still hold to that!

I'm very happy Laura has come up with this challenge.  When I saw the original post inviting other artists, I took this as the "light the fire under your ass!" sign.  I think this challenge will help me to be 'creative on demand' without feeling pressured.  So far, everything's looking good, and so are our friends with their Make n' Tells!

Let's see how the fourth day has treated our September Make n' Tell Challenge artist friends!  And I see that we have two more friends along for the ride!

Make an old t-shirt 'blossom'!
A Frayed Knot Knits

I betcha it's still in the works (as of publishing this post), but we'll see it soon!

Some simple, yet elegant jewelry from a 'bits n' bobs' bag!  And a teaser for a 'big reveal' project!
Designs by Victoria

An attempt at cheese making produces some yummy results!
Life Stiles

Testing the waters in button embroidery!
Mrs Gryphon

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The Tote Trove said...

Love the bangles necklaces. Bangles are a favorite fashion staple of mine.

Lisa Lutz said...

I LOVE your creativity and positive energy. Your repurposed bangle creations are awesome!!

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