Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, Issue #4: Memories


To the kittens that I've loved before ...

Ray unfortunately hadn't returned home after a night's absence.  Posters and visits to the Humane Society fell for the worst, as he was never found.  I'll miss you always, and you'll always be my 'first love'.

Carlin was well-loved, but short-lived; she had escaped out the door in the dark of night, and after a few hours search, she wasn't to be found.  We hope he's taken in by someone who will love her as much as we did.

Edward was given to a lovely family while we were moving, as being so young, we knew it wouldn't be appropriate to subject him to such stresses.  I hear that he has had a loving home for the past few years with an adorable young lady who loves him still.

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham 

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