Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #5: Button Magnets & WINNER of The L'il Miss Rock Star Care Kit!

Hear ye, hear ye!  I bring news of the latest September Make n' Tell Challenge from it's fifth day!

Please forgive the late posting; I had been suffering from a migraine all day and had to call in sick from work.  Lots of sleeping due to medications that make you drowsy and whatnot.  Being incredibly sensitive to light and sound hinders on productive days.  I don't enjoy calling into work sick or feeling 'unproductive', so to speak, because I always feel like I could fight through it.  This one just pulsed throughout the day.  Now that it has slightly receded, I can show you that I at least did one thing productive.

But first - the giveaway draw!  I folded all the names into neat little squares and put them into my favourite flattop hat, dove my hand in and pulled out the name ... Tracy from The Tote Trove!  You are the lucky winner of the 'L'il Miss Rock Star Care Kit!'  Tracy may be the grand prize winner, but a special surprise - everyone who entered the draw will be receiving a surprise in the mail from yours truly!  So, congratulations, Tracy, and to the rest of the entrants, as well!  Please email me with your preferred mailing address to 

Now onto Make n' Tell: Day #5!

The magnet that I had made for the 'L'il Miss Rock Star Care Kit' gave me another idea for product presentation.  I had made a bunch of magnets my putting images behind those glass bubble marbles you find in a lot of wedding centrepieces, as well as really interesting buttons.  I'm ready to sell them, but I didn't really have anything to put them on, like a metal plate or a bigger magnet ... wait a second, yes I do!  I can make one!  I just made one on Day #2, didn't I?

I believe this Make n' Tell is consistent with Rule #5, similar to a previous completed project.  By that, I mean that the magnet I had made, featuring the two guitars on sheet music, gave me a template idea to make a bigger magnet that would hold these groups of smaller magnets I had made.  I had used some of my photographs as a background image, and used a stronger magnet to sandwich between the photo on the front and the cardstock in behind.  These 'backing magnets' can also be used as a magnet itself!  I had also found a few circular pieces of magnetic steel that I had wrapped in sheet music to display my guitar magnets, made with glass bubble marbles dissecting the image of guitars from the catalogues of Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, and whatever else I have lying around the house.  As always, the sheet music strip with my shop address, as well! 


The photograph magnets had also given me ideas for making bookmarks with matching beads, fabric and yarn to compliment the picture.  Another challenge for another day!

I'll be catching up on my comments for my fellow Make n' Tell artists tomorrow most likely, but I do insist that you see what they're up to today!

The appetizer - skirts, made with fresh t-shirts ... while you whet your whistle with ...
A Frayed Knot Knits

Mmmmm ... beer!  Goes great after you eat ...

Mmmmm ... chocolate cake!  After, you should try this ...
Designs by Victoria

Yummy ... marscapone!
Life Stiles

Top it off with a fresh handknit sweater ...
Mrs Gryphon

And make it all 'a la mode'!
The Tote Trove

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Day #2 - Giveaway winner drawn! Congrats to Tracy from The Tote Trove!


The Tote Trove said...

Cool magnets. I especially like the leopard fabric (at least I think it's fabric) you chose as a backdrop for one.

And, I'm super excited about being the giveaway winner!

Cassandra Watsham said...

Yep, that's fabric! A favourite scarf that I received as a gift from a little girl I taught English to. Blue leopard print with red roses!

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