Sunday, September 13, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge: Day #13: Bangle Ornaments

What do we have here?  Another September Make n' Tell Challenge!

Nick and I didn't end up going to the World War I Air Show today, as he has caught my cold.  I'm just getting over it, and he is just starting up.  I called Dad to cancel, because I really don't want to get him sick.  He understood.  He did come by before he went to the show so that I could give him the card I made him yesterday.  He loved it!

I have been working on some ideas and items to make with a bunch of traditional Indian bangles I had bought from my local Value Village.  I had already made some necklaces using these bangles as part of the pendant design, and will be posting some of them as designs.  I had also come up with another idea to make ornaments out of the bangles, and enlisted the help of Katee, Nick's sister, to put together some bangle-and-bead combinations last night and set them aside for me.

She came up with a bunch!

I started on the pile today, trying to stick with what Katee offered me; a challenge I made for myself.  I did find myself adding and taking things away, but all in all I kept mainly to what Katee put in the bags.  Here are the first five that I've made so far.  (I've taken these in the bathroom for better lighting.  Brings out the colour in the bangles more!)


I have another idea that I'm going to work on now, but not before I check in with my September Make n' Tell Challenge friends!

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Designs by Victoria

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