Saturday, September 12, 2009

September Make n' Tell Challenge, Day #12: Happy Birthday Dad!

Hidey-ho, crafterinos! Time for another September Make n' Tell Challenge, neighbour-oonie!

Well, the congestion's still there, as well as a phegmy cough, but I keep plenty of tissue around.  I'm happy to say that I feel much better, and I'm able to breath through my nose without the aid of a decongestant.  Nick says that I sound really cute, too, with a stuffed-up nose, so I'm sure he's disappointed by now. 

It's my Dad's birthday today! He and my stepmom have been awfully busy lately, so I wasn't entirely sure if I would have a chance to see him. I am a good daughter, though, I did wish him a happy birthday, and has invited Nick and I to watch an Air Show at the Brampton Flying Club, featuring replica planes from World War I! Right up Dad's alley. With our family being full of war vets and heroes, we both have an appreciation for its history. We're looking forward to spending time with Dad and seeing a piece of history!

I do get to see Dad for his birthday!  Oh, what should I make for him?  He's always been one to say, "Just get me a card, that's all I need," and with the fact that my parents are trying to 'downsize', so to speak, I wouldn't want to get him something else they'd have to dust.  So, taking a cue from Mrs Gryphon's blog in the spirit of handmade cards, I decided to pull out my watercolour paints after years of hibernation and try something, well, not very complicated.

I like how it turned out.  Take a look!

Since going with the theme of airplanes, I thought I'd give him one for his birthday!

I was really nervous pulling out my watercolours.  I knew this would be the month to flex that muscle, but the last time I painted was about five years ago!  The only thing I could do was just try.  Here was the start of the watercolour painting.

Without thought, I had painted an eye!  I wanted to keep it and start a new one, but this was my last sheet of watercolour paper.  At least I have this picture.  I had cut the page in half, folded it, and  continued on to fill the space with a 'blue swirl' effect, and it turned out looking like a swirl of clouds from a fast and heavy wind.  I was so proud of myself!

I thought about painting an airplane on the other half of the paper.  I would cut it out and use foam scrapbooking stickers to attach it to the front of the card so that it would have a three-dimensional effect.  Ahem, I'm not that confident in my painting skills quite yet, and it would take me forever.  Well, I'll at least try.  Nick found this picture of a bi-plane from World War I for me to sketch.

After many frustrating tries, I managed a pencil sketch.  (I'm still working on perspective drawing.  Of all things I never had a natural talent for, it's drawing.)  There was something about the pencil sketch that I appreciated, almost like it was a blank slate or template to design your own airplane.  I did some shading, attached small foam double-sided adhesive squares to the back, and placed my pencil sketch airplane on the front of the card when the paint dried.  Check it out!

Whilst making the card, Nick was downstairs doing target practice with one of his pellet guns.  I handed him an Ace of Hearts playing card and asked him to hit the heart in the middle as best he can.  Three hits, right in the centre!  Not bad!  I put the card on the inside with the same foam adhesive squares and wrote a witty little message on the inside.


Clever, eh?  *chuckle*

The card can fold out into a full painting that can be framed.  Dad's pretty good at keeping stuff like this - he still has a clay bear on the television cabinet that I made in kindergarten!

And since I had a quarter of a sheet left, I figure I'd fool around and try something on the fly ... what do you think?

Nick and I are waking up early for breakfast with Dad to start the day, so I'll be heading to bed soon.  What did the rest of my September Make n' Tell Challenge friends do today?

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mrsgryphon said...

Nice work on the card - great creative idea and execution!

Cassandra Watsham said...

Thanks so much! You definitely inspired me! :)

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